Privacy Policy

What information do we collect?

We may collect information about you from inquiry forms on our site when purchasing or ordering our services. We may ask you to enter your name and email. We may also ask you to participate in surveys, but you do not have to do that. Web browsing history, such as browsing location, the browser you use, how much time you spend on our website, the device on which you browse. Data we receive from you by email.

Where do we use the information we receive?

In order to improve your experience when visiting our website, we use cookies - small pieces of textual information that are automatically created while browsing the website and are stored on your computer or other terminal device. The information collected by cookies allows us to ensure your ability to browse more conveniently, provide you with attractive offers and learn more about the behaviour of our website users, analyse trends and improve both the website and your service, as well as the services provided by You can choose whether you want to accept cookies. If you do not agree to the storage of cookies on your computer or other terminal device, you can change your Internet browser settings and disable all cookies or enable / disable them one by one. However, please note that in some cases, this may slow down your web browsing speed, restrict the operation of certain website features, or block access to the website.  More information is available at We generally use the information collected through the use of cookies for the following purposes: Use of functional cookies and provision of services Cookies are very important for the operation of our website and electronic services, and they ensure a smooth user experience. For service development. By monitoring the use of cookies, we can improve the operation of our website and electronic services. For usage analysis. We use cookies to collect statistics on the number of users who visit our websites and the use of electronic services and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. We may collect information, for example, from emails and newsletters sent for marketing purposes, to find out if emails have been opened and if they have prompted users to take any action, such as whether a user has clicked on a link in our email to our website. For targeted marketing. By using cookies, we may also collect information in order to provide advertising or content for a particular browser, creating different target groups. All information about the cookies used on the website, their purpose, validity and data used is provided below. All administrated websites use cookies to determine whether people from your device have already visited our websites, to remember the actions taken (eg choosing the website language), to provide you with the most relevant information, to collect aggregated website traffic statistics.

Details of cookies used

has_js determines whether the user's browser supports javascript programming language. EXPIRY DATE: Immediately after closing the browser. _ga - This cookie is used by Google Analytics to measure the purpose of a user's visit, and to prepare website activity reports for website operators so that they can improve the customer experience when visiting the website. EXPIRY DATE: With consent / 2 years. _gid - This cookie is used by Google Analytics to identify the person. EXPIRY DATE: At the first entry to the page / 2 days. - The cookie is designed to ensure the smooth operation of the integrated facebook services. More at EXPIRY DATE: 3 months.

Amendments to our Privacy rules

We reserve the right to change the privacy rules at any time. Changes of the Privacy rules will be published on this website.

Direct marketing (advertising sending)

We use Google remarketing technology. This technology allows users who have already visited our Site and used our online services and expressed an interest in our offer to re-receive ads on Google Partner Network sites. The display of advertisements is enabled by the cookies used, i.e. small text files stored on the user's computer. It is then used to provide targeted product recommendations and tailored advertising. We capture data collected by Google through customized advertising and visitor data (e.g., age, gender, and interests) from third-party providers in Google Analytics. If you do not wish to receive personalized advertising and / or do not want your Data to be captured and used, you can disable the use of Google cookies for such purposes in Google Ads Settings at by changing your settings as needed. Please note that if you delete all cookies from your device, Google may place new cookies on it for these purposes and you may need to update your deactivation settings. You can also disable the use of third-party cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Deactivation page at

Your rights

You have the right to access your data, which we process after receiving cookies. You also have the right to request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate data. By contacting us by email or through a contact form, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a document from the Downloads section, you agree to receive our newsletter.