Heating substations

We design and produce automated heating substations for apartment buildings, business, and production or public buildings. The purpose of the heating substation is to provide energy to the objects connected to the central heating system safely and effectively.

Automated heating substation effectively measures the parameters of the heated premises and environment without human intervention and applies the most efficient energy supply allowing saving up to several percent of the heat energy.

Each automated heating substation is unique – designed and produced for the specific object. We also perform adjustment, start-up and troubleshooting works of the installed heating substations.

Fire extinguishing stations

We design and manufacture fire extinguishing stations: these are fully automatic, compact pressure boosting pumps used for firefighting. Safe, easy to install and convenient to use.

The extinguishing station consists of 2 pumps - primary and backup; horizontal base frame; auxiliary coupling; electric motor and vertical multi-stage electric pressure maintenance pump. The device's diaphragm pressure vessel and electrical panel for each pump are mounted on a stable support structure.

Binding unit

We manufacture and install binding units to control the efficiency of water heaters / coolers. These binding units are needed to regulate power of heat exchanger and to ensure optimal setting of the entire system parameters.

We select the binding units according to the heat demand, taking into account the parameters of the existing unit with a water heater.


Thermal point assemblies

For those who want to assemble a heating unit by their own efforts we can offer all the necessary equipment for the unit.

Heating unit consists of the following main elements:

  • Danfoss brazed plate heat exchangers
  • Insulation of heat exchangers
  • Electronic control equipment
  • Circulation pumps for heating, ventilation and hot water systems
  • Pump control unit, their protection, circuit breakers and operation indicators
  • Shut-off and relief valves
  • Filters
  • Heating system filling valve, non-return valves in cold water and hot water circulation lines
  • Thermometers and manometers
  • Electrical connections, cables, machines, relays